Welcome to inspirEd

A community for teachers & community partners to create real learning for all students.

Great learning needs an engaged community

inspirEd is the Collaborative Learning Community for educators, mentors and community partners to foster innovators implementing Community Engaged Learning Experiences in education. 

This Community is your secret sauce; your incubator for great ideas; your instant crowdsourcing tool; your digital and in-person conference that has its foundation in community first.

After seeing years of inaction in the education system and individual torchbearers getting burnt out through lack of support, we decided it was time for a different model: 


designing and coaching students in 

Community Engaged Learning Experiences

for all students, offered by any teacher, at any school 

supported by their peers and a growing network of community partners.

What if you didn't have to figure it out alone?

What if there was one place we could go to gain knowledge and insight from actual experts; a no-fluff, deep dive, action-focused community that understood our daily stresses and challenges and empowered us to overcome them together?

inspirEd could be that space for you.

In inspirEd you will discover:

  • A community of like minded passionate innovator-teachers
  • A focus on evolving how you teach your students to a more engaging, community engaged project oriented model
  • Courses to teaching you how to co-design new Learning Experiences you can use with your students right away.
  • Design and knowledge you can use to connect with a diverse group of business, non-profit and Higher Ed members to share their experience with you and your students.
  • A vibrant and expanding expanding community of people, groups, courses and experts to tap into.

Design Community Engaged Learning Experiences that help your students develop their unique passions and talents. 

  • Explore existing Learning Experiences such as 'Adopt A Storm Drain' and plan how you will use it in the context of your school
  • Discuss with educators who have used the project before you.
  • Join a cohort of educator Fellows to design a new Learning Experience (we'll be your guide all the way).
  • Develop your own concept during the Learning Experience design Masterclass. 
  • Regular office hours with Learn Deep and invited community partners (see calendar).
  • Featured educators and VIP guests sharing their experience designing and working with students in a Collaborative Learning environment.

You should consider joining us if you:

  • Have been wanting to offer your students better, more 'real world' Learning Experiences.
  • Believe in the potential of multi-disciplinary Learning Experiences.
  • Love pioneering, learning and growing together with peers and students.
  • Want to develop your ability to attract and work with community resources.
  • Be part of building a meaningful community that practices Community Engaged PBL.

Ready to explore inspirEd?

Go ahead, click on the button in the photo above to get your application started. 

We'll send you an invite to welcome you as part of our next cohort. We'll ask you to answer a few questions that give us a sense of what you are hoping to 'get' and 'give' as a member. When you are accepted as an inspirEd member, we may communicate with you from time to time by email about inspirEd. You'll have the opportunity to opt out at any time. 

See you soon!

Pete and Joost

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